December 24, 2013

Mark Your Calendar!

Happy New Year!  Something fun to do! 
January 13 & 20, 2014 at the Sandy Senior Center 1-3pm 
Create a “Hands-On”, “Abstract Acrylic”, “Watercolor Field Journal”
Presented by: Cindy Powell

What you will need to bring:

1.     Recycled Cardboard, Illustration Board or Chipboard to use as a substrate (base) that will become your front & back cover of your field journal.
            2.     12 sheets of watercolor paper (140 lb) cut to a format of 6” x 4”
          3.     Textures such as: bubble wrap, sponge, comb, etc.
          4.     $3 to cover the cost of additional supplies I will furnish such as:
                          a.     Plastic gloves
                          b.     Acrylic paints
                          c.      Textures to use
                          d.     Binding machine & coils-to put it all together for you
                          e.      Liquid Gesso
                          f.       Manila Folders
                          g.     Olfa Cutting System to cut your covers to size
          5.     Scraping tools, such as an old used gift card, a piece of wood, squeegee, etc.
          6.     Old acrylic paints you may want to share

Our goal will be to create an abstract cover & a constructed watercolor field journal such as these:  Over a period of 2 Mondays!

These are wonderful little field journals or experimental journals to record quick drawings, new colors to play with, experiment with new supplies, etc. 

Please wear your painting clothes, or bring a paint apron, etc. as acrylic paints are permanent and they will ruin your clothes.

Start saving those recycled supplies!

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