Our Bylaws-2014

Sandy Watercolor Guild Bylaws-2014

Formerly called the Sandy Water Color Club, our non-profit organization was founded in March of 2003.  The official contact for the Sandy Watercolor Guild is: http://sandywatercolorguild.blogspot.com  Information about us is also posted on Facebook.  Information updates to members are sent by email.  Persons not having email can find updates about guild activities posted in the art room at the Sandy Senior Center.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to create opportunities to improve art skills, display art work, have fun and make friends through art.  The success of our mission statement depends on the participation of members and their willingness to share the responsibility of creating, organizing and supporting events hosted through our co-operative efforts.


Membership in the Sandy Watercolor Guild is open to anyone.  Annual dues are $15, payable at the beginning of our fiscal year, Jan. 1st.  Dues are not pro-rated if membership is paid at a later date.  Members have priority to sign up for workshops and receive discounts on workshops and guild sponsored art shows.  Non-members are welcome to attend regular monthly meetings and join workshops when space is available.


·        We define watercolor as painting in water soluble media.

·        A guild by definition is a group of people who come together to promote a common interest…which in our case is art.

·        As a co-operative organization, members are invited to participate in decision making by joining and attending Steering Committee Meetings to discuss and vote on pertinent issues pertaining to guild sponsored activities.


Regular meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month in the cafeteria at the Sandy Senior Center, 9310 S. 1300 E., Sandy, Utah 84092.  Meetings start at 6:30 PM and adjourn not later than 8:45 PM.  Meetings begin with a short business discussion and announcements, followed by scheduled activities or demonstrations.  Regular meetings will not be scheduled in July or December.


A volunteer President will oversee, co-ordinate and schedule guild activities.  The President presides at meetings, makes executive decisions, controls the budget and appoints members to carry out specific tasks under the president’s directive.  The office of president can pass on to another guild member by mutual agreement.  In the event that no member steps forward to hold the presidency position, the Steering Committee will act as the governing body of the guild.  Any member who is interested in the well being and continuity of the guild can join the Steering Committee meetings.

There are many responsibilities that individual members need to assume in order to help the President and/or Steering Committee to perpetuate the existence of the guild.  All members are asked to volunteer for tasks such as (but not limited to) greeting, providing refreshments, keeping membership records, scheduling guest presenters for meetings, organizing workshops, art shows, exhibits and parties, posting information on the blog and Facebook, taking photos of activities, advertising and contacting members when necessary, etc.


A treasurer will be appointed to collect money and balance financial records of a sub-account of the Sandy Senior Center which is subject to review by the Sandy Senior Center accountant.  Any funds left in the account after December 31st, will revert to the Sandy Senior Center.  By allowing the Sandy Senior Center to manage our finances, the Sandy Watercolor Guild qualifies as a non-profit organization.  Receipts will be written for cash rendered and incoming checks should be made payable to the Sandy Senior Center Advisory Council (SSCAC) for all transactions pertaining to the Watercolor Guild activities.

Each year the Sandy Watercolor Guild will make an appropriate donation to the Senior Center as a gesture of goodwill for using the Sandy Senior Center facility.


Guild members receive first notification for workshops and can reserve a place by paying the $35 fee to the guild treasurer.  (Checks made out to SSCAC).  Non-member workshop fees are $40.  The guild has no budget to cover the price of workshops; therefore the total cost must be covered by participants.  Once the workshop coordinator has made an agreement with a workshop presenter, the agreed upon fee must be paid.  No refunds will be issued within 30 days before the workshop or until we have filled the quota for that particular workshop.  If someone has registered for a workshop and cannot attend, they can get a refund by finding someone else to take their place.  A coordinator will be appointed to schedule and organize workshops. 

Sandy Watercolor Guild Spring Show

An Art Show Chairperson will be appointed to organize and oversee the annual Spring Show which traditionally takes place in March.  The chairperson appoints a committee to help with specific tasks.  Responsibilities include:

1.      Managing the Art Show budget.  All proceeds from entrance fees plus any additional amount approved by the guild Treasurer will go to support the art show.  Art Show expenses cannot exceed this budget.  Cash awards go to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.  Only one cash prize can be awarded to an individual artist.  Ribbons will also be purchased for winners, including recipients of the People’s Choice Award and Honorable Mentions.  A fixed amount will also be determined for advertising, refreshments, programs and other necessities within budget limitations.

2.      Selecting an experienced Judge, determining the amount of the judges’ honorarium fee and organizing a schedule and protocol for judging.

3.      Organizing the intake of paintings, procuring supplies, printing forms, writing receipts for entry fees, numbering paintings, maintaining a master list of entries, collecting signed agreement forms and hanging the show.

4.      Organizing the Awards & Reception: which includes greeters, refreshments, programs, advertising, scheduling and arranging the hall, etc.  The Reception traditionally takes place in lieu of the 3rd Thursday regular guild meeting. 

5.      Counting the ballots for the People’s Choice Award.

6.      Deciding the distribution of in-kind awards donated by local merchants.  Committee members have traditionally been asked to procure donations from art supply stores, restaurants, framers, printers, etc.

7.      Organizing the release of paintings at the close of the show.

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  1. There is a 2017 update to this post. Membership is $25 for 2018. Fees for classes are $45 for members, $65 for non-members.