August 16, 2019

New Plein Aire post from Virginia

Thanks, Virginia!

Remember, those of you signed up for Linda Smith Latimer's class tomorrow: doors open 9:00, begin 9:30, bring lunch or plan a quick fast-food foray, clean up and out by 4:00.


August 15, 2019

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August 13, 2019

John Muir Laws blog link

There was some interest among the members in the art of John Muir Art last year. Here is a link to his blog, with some practice thrown in. 

I hope to see everyone on Thursday for Lucy Beale Partridge's presentation, and on Saturday for Linda Smith Latimer's workshop painting white flowers. Check further down for previous blog posts for information and materials lists. 


August 2, 2019

Lucy Beale Partridge August 15

Here's what's happening on our Third Thursday, August 15, 2019. You'll want to be there!

LUCY BEALE PARTRIDGE will be our presenter, and it will be a work-with:

Learn 18 ways to enliven your paintings.

Lucy Beale will show you 20 techniques for creating textures.
Bring your paintbox, brushes, water container, and plenty of paper for making samples. Perhaps 18 sheets. (sample size, kids)
Keep your samples to create your own reference book. 

Bring any supplies you have that you already use to create textures such as stamps, ex-acto knife, pencils, and more.

Warmly, Lucy