Our Library

We currently have the following titles in our Sandy Watercolor Guild Library.  All of these books and DVD/VHS's are available for you to sign out, read and return.

1.      Portrait of a Nation-Currier & Ives
2.      Watercolor for all Seasons-Wentworth
3.      Painting the Effects of Weather
4.      Creating Textures with Pen & Ink
5.      Watercolor Landscapes Step by Step
6.      How to Draw and Paint in Watercolor & Gouache
7.      Guide to Watercolor Landscapes-Herb Olsen
8.      Light Up Your Watercolors
9.      Ways with Watercolor
10.  Painting the American Scene
11.  The Complete Watercolor Artist
12.  Creative Watercolor Techniques
13.  Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes
14.  Zoltan Szabo’s 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques
15.  Painting Nature’s Hidden Treasures
16.  John Pike Paints Watercolors
17.  Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes
18.  The Watercolor Painter’s Problem Book
19.  Watercolor The Wet Technique
20.  Mastering Color & Design in Watercolor
21.  Watercolor with light and color
22.  Watercolor Impressionists
23.  The Art of Joseph S. Venus
24.  Watercolor Painting Step by Step
25.  Color in Watercolor
26.  The Watercolor’s Answer Book
27.  Watercolor You Can Do It
28.  The Big Book of Watercolor
29.  Learn to Paint: Skies in Watercolor
30.  Fresh Watercolor
31.  Painting Landscapes in Pastel
32.  Watercolor Basics: Trees, Mountains & Rocks
33.  Big Brush Watercolor
34.  Watercolor Energies A
35.  Watercolor Energies B
36.  Webb on Watercolor
37.  Watercolor Painting Techniques
38.  Watercolor: Let’s Think About It
39.  The Watercolor Guide to Painting Skies
40.  Painting the Drama of Wild Life
41.  Chinese Watercolor
42.  Painting Dynamic Colors
43.  Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting
44.  Painting the Head  in Oil
45.  Everything You Wanted to Know About Watercolor
46.  Painting Light & Shadow in Watercolor
47.  Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way
48.  Beyond the Visible Terrain
49.  Basic Watercolor Painting
50.  Oriental Watercolor Techniques by Wong
51.  Starting Watercolor the Right Way by Zoltan Szabo  VHS
52.  Your Artist’s Brain by Carl Purcell
53.  Watercolor: The Spirit of Spontaneity
54.  Watercolor: Red, Yellow, Blue by John Koser
55.  The Iliad-The Odyssey
56.  Greek Myths
57.  Portraits in Pastel
58.  Landscapes in Pencil
59.  Animals in Pastel
60.  Watercolor by Duane R. Light
61.  The Artist’s Way
62.  The Art of Paper Collage
63.  Drawing Scenery
64.  Seasons of Light by Thomas Kincaid
65.  Drawing the Head & Figure

66.  Watercolors Start to Finish by Carl Purcell  DVD

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