December 22, 2013

Watercolor Wisdom-Book Review by Cindy Powell

“Watercolor Wisdom” by: Jo Taylor AWS

I found this book in my local Sandy library but I am currently looking for this book to add it to my private reference library.  It’s a must have!  Here is a sampling of what you can find in its pages of wonderful information:
Mixing warm and cool blacks!  Oh yeah-how many of us know how to mix black?  We all do, but do we know which colors to mix for a warm black and which for a cool?  We are often told not to mix our pigments in a 50-50 ratio, but Jo Taylor recommends it when mixing a warm black. 

Which pigments should we use to create harmony in our paintings?
Which color(s) should dominate?
How do you approach an abstract to create balance and unification in the composition?
What tools can be used to create wonderful textural effects in watercolor?  (Besides the ones we all know about).
What resists can be used with water media/watercolor?
How can you stamp an image with watercolor pigment and make it adhere to the paper?
What composition should you use?  Can you combine them?  (Yes!)
What does “Gradation of Color” mean?
How can you use a palette knife to create a wonderful quick painting?  (See our Jan. Challenge!)
How do you “Monoprint” using watercolor pigments?
When planning a painting what options should you consider for the best visual effects for your viewers?  What are the principles that can be used?  What should be the emphasis-vertical or horizontal layout? 

These questions and a whole lot more are answered in this one unique book along with several fun experiments for you to try. 
I will simply say again, this is a must have book for any artist who wishes to incorporate or experiment with mixed media/watercolor. 

“In the test of time, a piece of art must stand on its own.  The artist is not present to explain, radiate enthusiasm or identify the subject.”  Jo Taylor

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