December 28, 2013

Ian Ramsey's SOLD OUT Workshop

If you have signed up for the "SOLD OUT" "Ian Ramsey's Workshop" on Jan. 18th and you need an 11" x 15" image for your drawing, please e-mail me at: (Cindy Powell) and I will e-mail you the image on 2 sheets as an attachment, so you can print them out & tape them together.  (No need to go buy an enlargement unless you don't have a printer).  I will also be bringing a few copies of these image sheets to the Senior Center on Monday afternoon, during the painting group.  Let me know if I need to bring extras. 
Thank you Yvonne for getting your software working and sending me the information about Ian's workshop!  I will have a printed copy of the enlarged image for you on Monday.   
The supplies needed are:
1. A Jug of Water-a waste water bucket will be supplied, 2. The image provided, "lightly" sketched in pencil at a size of 11" x 15" or larger on good quality paper-please secure this to a board, 3. a variety of watercolor brushes and the following pigments: cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, sap green, thalo green, yellow ochre, permanent yellow deep, carbazole violet, quinacridone rose, cadmium red, burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw sienna and quinacridone gold.  (Or similar colors).
The library does not permit food in the room so we will be taking an hour for a "lunch break". 
*NOTE: Ian will have some of his paintings available to purchase!  So bring those checkbooks!  :-D

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