September 21, 2016

Tom's Demo & Workshop

What a pleasant, relaxing experience we all had at the September monthly meeting.  Our guest artist was Tom Howard and we were gathered around him while he shared his wisdom and knowledge of painting landscapes.  This is the finished demo piece that Tom forwarded to me so I could post it here for everyone to see.

The workshop consisted of several hours in the morning, of key tips on drawing, while developing good visual skills.  Tom lead us through several practice steps for accurately drawing things in the cafeteria.  Then he shared some individual objects that we took turns drawing from various angles.  One of Tom's key elements was this pyramid for composition,

The afternoon found us outside, in front of the senior center, painting au natural, or as the french say: "Plein aire".  Here is Tom's demo of the trees he found in the parking lot.  Amazing what you can compose with just a few suggested elements.

 If you would like to take an extended class with Tom on building your drawing skills, please tell Barbara next time you see her and she'll check with Tom, for when he might be available.  Also, don't forget, Tom teaches at the local university campus's. 

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