December 24, 2015

End of a Year-Beginning of a New

2015-2016 Years made up of days, weeks, months, but really it's only how we measure TIME on earth. Calendars, watches,
accomplishments, birthdays, holidays, special events are how we manage to remember our brief stay here.  One life, your life and all the things you have done, your adventures, your friendships, your family relationships are how we leave a stamp on others lives. Cherished moments of our times together, sharing the camaraderie of Monday afternoons, quite conversations, laughing, crying and caring for each other.  Your friendships have made this journey into the fine art of painting with a difficult medium, all the more enjoyable, because it was shared. Our love for a particular medium, the excitement it brings into our lives, and the joy that we share is a blessing.  Thank You for being a part of this life, this one moment of many, this one shared love.

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