December 31, 2013

Book Review by: Cindy Powell

I recently read Linda Kemp's newest book shown here and while it was geared to negative painting techniques, it also had a lot of other interesting topics, such as: color theory, composition, design elements & principles, and making color choices based on value, hue or intensity.  Linda explores these and many other concepts in depth and provides some beautiful paintings along with exercises/challenges for you to do.  For beginner/intermediate artists who want to further explore the opportunities that watercolor painting offers. 
Tip: "Convert a color wheel into a gray scale wheel and you will clearly see where all the true colors lay on a gray value scale."  Great tip!!

"Whether you work with positive or negative shapes, the size & shape of the subject is established at its edges...." Linda Kemp  She is explaining how the edges are important in your painting, whether they are soft or hard, lost or found, they determine what the viewer sees.   

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