February 13, 2018

Alicia Schilder has a fun day planned for us on Feb. 22 (Thursday afternoon)

We're calling it "Dynamic Recycling" because we'll be using old paintings in a new way instead of pitching them.

Here is my list of things that participants should bring:

  • 2 old paintings of similar size and color; subject matter can be similar or different, OR…if you can’t find your own to recycle, use mine! I have about 20 sets to choose from.
  • Med to large scissors
  • Bib apron or wear old clothes—this process can be messy
  • Old paintbrush  ¼” or so for spreading glue
  • 12” or longer ruler
  • Simple watercolor set and med brush or 2, for touch-ups to finished picture
  • pencil

I will supply:

  • matte medium
  • tacky glue
  • glue cups
  • a few flat boards for pressing glued surfaces (we’ll use magazines for the rest)
  • wax paper for protecting magazines from glue
  • approx.. 20 sets of pictures if participants want to use mine
  • vinyl gloves

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