March 10, 2017

My notes from Tom Howard Drawing Vocabulary March 2, 2017 ( I hope I have this right!)

Tom Howard March 2017 SWG

Perspective=2d representation of 3d object =correct angles

Gesture drawing: capture angles by using your hand at arm’s length, elbow locked, using your pen, hand,  or brush to carry the angle to your paper.

Point of comparison: compare 2 elements in the scene. Key intersecting points, verticals and horizontals. This helps with position and scale.

Positive space is the object

Negative spaces= shapes around the object (around the positive spaces)

Exercise: drawing everything around the object EXCEPT the object and make it appear. (he does this with his college class, encouraged us to try it. Start simple!! 😃

Perspective=2d representation of 3d object =correct angles

Shading vocabulary:

  1. Highlight: white of the paper or lightest color
  2. Half-tones: all the shades that are not highlight nor shadow
  3. Core shadow: The darkest part of the shaded object
  4. Cast shadow: the dark-to-lighter shadow of the object on a surface
  5. Ambient light: ‘wandering photons’ that make little appearances here and there
  6. Reflected light: on the object, within the core shadow
  7. Reflected cast shadow: an extra layer of shadowing where the object meets its shadow
  8. Refracted light=bent light: “prenumbria”  occurs at the farthest edge of the shadow where the sharp edges of the shadow become softer
  9. Mirror image=paler perfect copy of the object; just as long as the object is high, just as wide as is the object on a shiny surface.
Homework: sketch something EVERY DAY.

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