February 16, 2017


Paige fell in love with her first box of Crayola Crayons while quarantined with Scarlet Fever as a child.  Still obsessed with color, she now experiments with water soluble pigments like watercolor, acrylic, vegetable juices, tea and even blood. From her first portrait in 2009 till now, she continues to be recognized for her unique style: large paintings with simple subjects, bold color, and a mix of spontaneous shapes and controlled subject forms.  Each painting is an experiment with lessons to be learned and often an unpredicted outcome. Her work has been awarded extensively locally  jurored into regional shows, hangs in homes and offices across the country and even in Korea, and will be featured in Kauia in the coming months.   Paige currently specializes in watercolor pouring and large scale portraiture. She feels the vibrancy and luminescence of transparent mediums offers a dimensional experience that opaque mediums fail to capture. Fine watercolors are truly rare and she feels that quality water media paintings breathe life into a home. She currently teaches small workshops and children or women groups locally.  Her paintings are sold at Incredible Dwellings in Salt Lake City and online.

Come with 2 faces drawn in pencil-media lead, on good quality watercolor paper (at least 140b, cold press, at least 24” on each side) with reference photos. Please no ‘posed’ shots—candid shots with some sense of emotion or story are best, and head or head and shoulders only.  Be thinking about the MOOD you would like the portrait to convey AND whether you prefer a warm or cool pallet for the painting(s).  You will also need a tilted surface/table easel, thick kitchen sponge and paper towels, paints (including yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, ultramarine, cobalt, cerullean, burnt sienna, a deep brown and a deep cool like indigo or shadow violet or neutral tint) and a variety of brush sizes with good tips-important to bring one large ‘juicy’ brush that holds a lot of water and one small brush with a good point for details!

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