December 29, 2016


Hi, Everyone, and a happy new year to all.
We have a great January line-up, and I want to invite you all to Monday studio time at the Sandy Senior  Center 1:00-4:00, beginning again on Monday, January 9.   We also will resume Thursday Tutorials on January 5, also from 1:00-4:00. On that day, we will display and discuss our assigned sketches of
1) a pinecone,
2) a crumpled paper bag (value study)
3) large format sketch of one of the above. If you haven’t attended our sketch studies classes, just come anyway and enjoy the discussion and practice.
       It’s also time  to remind everyone that dues are still just $20 for the year, checks payable to Sandy Senior Center. Payment for classes can be sent at the same time, on a single check.  For memberships, please include your address, phone number and email address, even if you think we already have it. It’s good to have assurance that we can find you! Be sure also to indicate on your check or on a note which workshop you are requesting.

THIRD THURSDAYS WILL ALSO RESUME IN JANUARY, 5:30-7:45. (Free, and all are welcome!)
> JAN 19: Willa Marie Huelscamp
> FEBRUARY 9 (NOTICE THIS IS ON THE SECOND THURSDAY THIS MONTH ONLY): Sharron Bell and Barbara Glick will present Pen, Ink and Pencil with watercolor.
*SATURDAY WORKSHOPS: ($45 for members, $65 for non-members
*FEB 11: 9:00-3:30: Jeanie Millicam

                           *MAR 18: Paige Kimball—Juicy painting of people.
You bring a ready image on w/c paper, your choice of subject.

                                     *APR 29: Ian Ramsay—a harbor, drawing suggestion of which
                              is generally shared with paid attendees before the day.

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