October 15, 2016

Nancy Lund Demo Oct. 20, 2016

REMINDER:  This Thursday, Oct. 20, 2106,  is our demo featuring Nancy Lund. She'll be showing us her very creative collage technique, and then we'll have her back for a workshop on Nov. 19 at SSC.
Thursday we'll meet, doors open at 5:30, begin right at 6. The center closes at 7:45.
Here's Nancy:
                                                      Nancy Maxfield Lund Biography
 As a child, my right brain was definitely training to become an artist. What form of art hadn’t been picked yet, but I was exercising everything. I played the piano, the guitar and the violin. I spent my first eighteen years in Kaysville, Utah.   I took tap dance, modern jazz dance and ballet lessons. I moved to Salt Lake City and went to the University of Utah, off and on, for six years. I studied literature, English, philosophy, anthropology, graphic design and architecture.  I never graduated. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.

 I married, had two children and entered the gardening phase of my life. I would build roads out of rocks and landscape them with wonderful, exotic plants and flowers. I truly love painting with plants. I’m still into this form of art!    When my children went to grade school, I signed up for a co-op program. The parents would literally teach everything except math & English (they just helped out with those subjects). I taught music for a few years, and then got into the art curriculum. I was mesmerized in the amazing world of artists and paint. The more I taught, the more I learned. I separated from my husband in 1996. That’s the year I really started painting seriously. My art helped and healed me. The marriage door closed, but that art door opened up.

 In 1996, I joined the Utah Watercolor Society and started my life as an “artist” and a volunteer art slave!  I served on the UWS Board from 1998 through 2011.   My jobs included Education Coordinator, Awards and Show Chairperson, Vice-President, President, Past President Advisor, Delegate to the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. In May of 2010, I was the Chairperson/Project Director for the WFWS35 Show that was in Utah.  I’m presently a retired volunteer from UWS but still an active member!

 I’ve been doing watercolors since 1995. I understand the medium and do some of my best work with water. In 2000, I started working with acrylics & oil paint. Since then, I’ve been branching out and trying lots of different media. A favorite is collage; using watercolor on rice paper, tearing and cutting my designs and landscapes, then pasting them down. It’s freed my creativity and imagination.

 I’ve been making jewelry for years too and just recently started marketing it.  I love bracelets too much!  I’ve also created some magnetic pins.  They’re lizards, frogs, turtles, butterflies, fish & spiders that I drill, glue and hand paint with love.  I can’t seem to paint them fast enough!  Who knew?

 I work, paint and create in my studio at the Rockwood Building and in my home in Salt Lake City.

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