March 25, 2016

April Paint Alongs

                                                                          Photo Credit: Bruce Bley
Beginning April 7th, every Thursday afternoon from 1-3:30, you are invited to join us for a video Paint Along at the Sandy Senior Center.  Colleen Reynolds has graciously offered us her "Lilacs" video to share as our first presentation.  The video is 1 1/2 hours long, so we will surely need to break this up into Part 1 and Part 2.  In order to get right into the painting, or pouring in this case, I would suggest you have your drawing of lilacs done and all the highlights masked out.  This will eliminate the waiting to dry time!  Images to use: google has a bunch!  Simply select a photo of lilacs if you don't have one of your own to use.   (Please give credit as I have here!)
The methods Colleen uses can be used with any lilac image.  Here is a list of other supplies you will need:
* 140 lb. cold press paper (Arches is recommend but Fabriano is good as well) 12" x 16"
* Large Round Brush
* Small "Rigger" Brush
* 1/4" Angular Brush
* Pigments: Daniel Smith: Quinacridone Pink, Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) & New Gamboge
   Holbein: Crimson or Crimson Lake
* 3 small (no lip) plastic or metal cups to mix paint with water to enable pouring
* palette knife
* 2B soft pencil & kneaded eraser
* Masking Fluid & Applicator (Colleen uses her Palette Knife)
* Water Container for washing brushes
* Spray Bottle to mist the paper
* Paper Towels
* Sponge

No sign ups are required, simply bring your supplies and be prepared to have fun!

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