July 14, 2015

August 2015 Issue

I look forward to getting this magazine from the book store because every issue is packed with good articles about an interesting technique or an introduction to another artist's methods or insight.  It never fails to give me hours of pleasant reading and leisurely thoughts about experimentation with various mediums.

This issue has an article that definitely has me thinking about possibilities: "Face Time".  Myrna Wacknov explores mixed media-and her own features- in a series of powerful self-portraits.  I've been gathering up some selfies to work with over the past couple of months and even if you don't incorporate mixed media, this project would be fun to do in watercolor or inks.

Other articles include "Burned Tree Bark" by Suze Woolf.  I found the photos and her process to be very interesting.  I would probably never venture into a burned out forest to retrieve burnt bark, but the textures are amazing.

There are a few more articles I need to get back to reading, "Studio Staples" Discover 6 paint mediums that can add impact to your work by Jessica Canterbury  and "Watercolor Essentials" Learn how 7 artists employ the elements of design by Beth Williams.  

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