April 6, 2015

Ian Ramsay Workshop


     Please come prepared to the workshop, with your drawing carefully laid out on a piece of watercolor paper to the size of 12”x16” or larger.  Use good quality W.C. paper (Arches or Fabriano); 140 or 300 pound, either cold press or rough.  The paper should be secured to a firm board
 with tape, staples or both.

     You will need a variety of good quality brushes, large and small, for washes and details respectively.  Also, bring along a stiff bristle oil painting ‘Fan’ brush for 
some special techniques.

     As to paints, a wide variety of colors can be used and adapted to our needs.  I will be using, specifically:  yellow ochre, hansa yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cadmium red, quinacridone rose, deep scarlet, sap green, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and thalo green (blue shade).  I also use other colors, but more than enough can be done with those enumerated.  In addition to these watercolors, you will need a white gouache…preferably 
permanent white.
Chinese white watercolor would also be acceptable.

     Please bring along a good natural sponge for softening and correcting mistakes.  Yes, we can fix a watercolor painting!  We all make mistakes and I will show 
you how to deal with them.

     Be prepared to relax and have fun.  This won’t be the Spanish inquisition…  Ian. 

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