February 20, 2015

February Meeting & Demo

Maggie shared a demo on painting portraits at the Sandy Watercolor Guild last night to a room full of members.  ( I couldn't get a picture of the whole room, so this is perhaps a third of the attendance.)

David Lobenberg was the style we learned for painting wet, loose, bold brushstrokes.  His DVD is available on his website.  (I'll try to find a link to his website and post it here for you.)  Website:  you will need to look up davidlobenbergart.com   (Sorry I'm experiencing technical difficulties in posting this link.)  His DVD is $45 but you might be able to get a copy locally from Colleen Reynolds.  (David also has a DVD for a pen & wash technique but I didn't find a price.)

Kay Adair did this beautiful portrait of her grandson in a monotone color palette which is amazingly real to life.

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