April 2, 2014

Guest Artist at UWS Meeting

Last night the UWS had a wonderful guest artist by the name of Gloria Miller Allen.  She is quite an accomplished and prolific watercolorist with approximately 55 national and international competitions on her resume.  She is a member of many, many societies and is accredited with AWS, TWSA, WW, NWWS affiliations.  Gloria was an artist in residence at Zion National Park in 2010 and an artist in residence at the Grand Canyon in 2013.  Her presentation last night was about her experience during her 3-week stay at the Grand Canyon, which included many photos of some breathtaking panoramic vistas.  
Gloria's book: "I Think~Therefore I Art" is a wonderful book based on academic lessons for learning.  Setting goals, learning the basics by actually challenging yourself to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.  She is a firm believer in hard work first, for which the rewards will follow.  Some of the chapter titles include: Acquiring Confidence in Drawing, The Wizardry of Perspective & Tricks It Plays and Putting Yourself in the Driver's Seat.  Lots of challenging lessons to help you improve your drawing skills, which helps to enhance your paintings.  Building skills is an integral part of being an artist.  Taking the time to develop these skills and work ethics will give us better building blocks for which we can base our own art on.  (This is not a painting book, but a skills in drawing book laid out in a workbook-classroom format.  Lots of artwork is shown along with many of Gloria's beautifully written poetry.)
To take a sneak peek inside this book, simply click the link in the right sidebar and you will be taken to Amazon, where you can have a look and to purchase this book if you like.  It's full of some of Gloria's beautiful paintings and valuable lessons that she teaches in her workshops. 

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  1. Thank you, Cynthia! What a nice review and reminder for us all. I'm sorry to have missed this one.