April 2, 2014

April Challenge

Last month the challenge was to make some image transfers from magazines and I'll bet you have a bunch of these now, but what will you do with them?  Here's an idea:  Combining Ev Hales suggestion of using splashes of color as backgrounds, you can simply adhere your tape transfer directly over the color splashes using glue that will dry clear, deco podge, or a gel medium.

 Here are a couple of samples that I made:

 If you would like to take this process even further, coat the entire image transfer with the clear drying gel medium, glue or deco podge and let dry.  This becomes a permanent acrylic surface that can be further painted on using acrylics or gouche.  If you want to hide the straight edges, you also can cut the tape to remove most of the edges.  For instance, I would cut out the bird and the branch it is sitting on.  The background would then become the color splash.  Experiment and see what you like best. 

As for Ev Hales book, it is one of many creative, art books that she has written about watercolor.  A great addition to any library.  I prefer the Kindle edition, but you can order a soft paper style book direct from Amazon, by clicking the book cover in the right sidebar.

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