March 12, 2014

Watercolor Artist Magazine

Have you ordered or purchased the April issue of this amazing magazine yet?
On page 26-We have a local artist by the name of Joseph Alleman from Logan, Utah featured!

on pages 51-59 there is a wonderful art project that involves color theory.  I loved this article so much that I started a new series of paintings based on these color palettes. 
I selected an easy drawing of a rusty truck I had painted last year and made 6 tracings, one for each color palette I will be using.  These are the first 2 that I finished yesterday.  Only 4 more to go or, will I decide to explore color further by adding my favorite palettes to the mix too....YEAH!

On page 61-65 there is a painting project using Koi fish.  In Sandi Olson's Friday Group, (next group meets March 28th!) we will be exploring this topic.  Whenever I go to Las Vegas, I always manage to find my way over to the Flamingo Hotel.  Why?  Not for the gambling, even though I do enjoy that as well, but for the Flamingo Park that was built in the central courtyard.  In this courtyard you will also find Koi ponds with the largest Koi I've ever seen.  Along with 2 black swans and a pelican, some large box turtles and lots of ducks.  The world famous Flamingo Fountain is also located here, so if you get down to Las Vegas, make sure to take a stroll through this amazing place.

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