December 3, 2013


We are in the process of setting up this blog so that the members of the Sandy Watercolor Guild will have a place to share their paintings, tips, ideas, etc. with the general public and each other.  If you live in the Sandy, Utah area, we would like to extend an invitation to you, to join us every 3rd Thursday of the month at the Sandy Senior Center, from 6:30-8:30 for our regular monthly meetings.
As the members of the Sandy Watercolor Guild become more familiar with how this blog works, we will be posting more frequently, so you may want to sign up to follow this blog, via your e-mail.  The link is in the right sidebar.  (Simply type in your e-mail address and click the button. You will be sent an e-mail each time a post is made to this blog).
The list of topics that has been generated in the right sidebar is just a set up action at this time.  There are no posts available for these subjects yet.  With time we hope to bring you a wide variety of topics related to watercolor painting and other water media.   We will be adding additional pages, just like on a real website. These additional pages will be listed in the sidebar soon and will have a heading related to what is posted on that page. ( i.e. a demonstration of a painting being created, a video feed or a tutorial for a particular technique).
Each member will be given the opportunity to be added as an author to this blog and will have access to post their own images and write their own articles for the group to read.  Posting of upcoming events, information about workshops, etc. is fine.
A few words of caution when using this blog:   Please do not post any personal information to this site, as it is seen by the general "world" public.  Do not post that you are leaving for a vacation, or that you have a new phone number.  Keep that information private and share with your friends, face to face.  If you do not want your photos to be used by others, resizing them to a 500 pixel x 500 pixel format at a 96 resolution will allow for better viewing without adding a watermark.  Visitors can click on the image posted for a larger version, but without all the high resolution for printing purposes.  You may add a watermark if you desire, at least sign your work before posting a photo of it, so that we all know it is yours.  As you load your images to this blog, blogger will give you options for size and placement.  I won't go into that right now, but will be adding a video for members only to view on my youtube channel that will show you step by step how to add images and post new information.  It's relatively easy to do.
When we are up and posting begins, please leave us a brief statement about what you are posting.
The painting I shared here was done in my daily painting journal and my goal was to paint an image surrounded by fog.  I was following step by step instructions provided in "Keys to Painting Color & Value" by: Rachel Rubin Wolf, a book I picked up at the local library.

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